I'm Oscar, a sports, concert and portrait photographer

Meet the Photographer

With over 15 years behind the lens, I'm a photographer passionate about capturing the energy of sports and concerts, the raw emotion of live performances, and the essence of a person in a portrait.

While I love the thrill of action and atmosphere, my heart belongs to portraiture.  There's a unique kind of magic in revealing someone's inner light and showcasing their best self.  That's the ultimate gift I strive to give my clients – a visual representation of how I see them, a reminder of their strength, beauty, and individuality.


Fact 1

I grew up playing baseball so its the one sport I know a lot about and love to photograph.


Fact 2

I would always take my camera with me when I would hang out with my friends. Which is why portraiture is second nature to me.


Fact 3

I love movies, so if we're out and about we may end up talking about one.


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